A Little Reminder

Things you do cannot be undone
They return, even though they’ve gone
You find them in the post like a little reminder,
and you’re the sender.

Good or bad you can try and hide
But spotlights always aim for those who lied
Some day they may ask you to surrender
(as a little reminder)

you can do me wrong and treat me like a loon
and I’ll still be here to remind you
You can spoil my sleep and give some fools my dream
they would still remind you
you’ve got to remember me

For each truth that was unsaid
a ticket to your soul has to be paid
Never mind the promise to try harder
This a little reminder

Undelivered words of love
lead to desperation and ‘should-haves’
Next time you may want to think it over
(as a little reminder)

(Only a little reminder)

(A little reminder)

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