Home and about

Home and about

Name is Paz

I was born in 1965 in Turin, Italy,
where I spent the first 49 years of my life.
The plan is to live the next 51 in the UK.

I’m not looking for a job

My digs

Any form of creativity in general. But to call it Art is too diminishing, unless we consider Life itself as a form of art (aka the Art of Living). Please, feel free to ask me questions about it.


Photography has always been highly inspiring and, slowly in the years, a camera and Photoshop replaced all other mediums I was using and/or abusing (pencils,canvasses, brushes, etc.).

The woman below is my wife.


Songwriting. It’s not the last, in fact it’s the first love of my life. I remember making up my first sequence of notes (almost a melody) with a red Fender Stratocaster toy guitar at the age of 5. George Harrison and ‘his’ My Sweet Lord came up one year later, and then I began to picture the rest of my life.

This website will try to collect all my tunes. And the lyrics.


I like Pornography, as well, of course.

Torna in alto