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home and about

This is only my personal website. Not selling anything.

Name is Pasquale Ferrone, or PAZ. I was born in 1965 in Turin, Italy, where I spent the first 50 years of my life and now I’m attempting to life the next 50 in the UK – Optimistic, uh?

I’ve been through so many things that a thorough CV is one of the hardest thing to fulfil, for me. So, my fragmented life experience may appear on different media that I try, from time to time, to retrieve and organize at my best. Supposedly, it will be piled on the right shelf* in this page.
It’s not like I’m looking to a new job anyway.

*The right bar (shelf) is to keep everyone more or less informed about what I’ve done or what I’m presently up to

My digs

Any form of creativity in general. But to call it Art is too diminishing, unless we consider Life itself as a form of art (aka the Art of Living). Please, feel free to ask me questions about it.


Photography has always been highly inspiring and, slowly in the years, a camera and Photoshop replaced all other mediums I was using and/or abusing (pencils,canvasses, brushes, etc.).

The woman below is my wife.


Songwriting. It’s not the last, in fact it’s the first love of my life. I remember making up my first sequence of notes (almost a melody) with a red Stratocaster toy at the age of 5. George Harrison and his My Sweet Lord came up one year later, and then I began to picture the rest of my life.

I will use this website to collect all my tunes (and the lyrics), also as a sharing tool when it happens to collaborate with other musicians and songwriters.


I like Pornography, as well, of course.

Torna in alto