Radaman is back

Radaman is back

…and He’s looking for music, and musicians

RAMADAN is a musical entity that self-generated in the 1989, to make me write even more songs than I ought to. I tried to get rid of him but, as he is virtually a phantom (he doesn’t actually exist, it’s just me being loon!) I OBVIOUSLY FAILED.
So, now he’s back. And he’s hungry (and angry) again.
This time, though, with a little help from an army of Weymouthian-musician-friends I might even decide to satisfy his hunger (and his anger). So, I’m taking the first step and call for guitarists, bassists, vocalists and – why not – for other songwriters.

Any age, sex or gender will do, as long as we have the same musical taste.

Please keep me posted. I’ll keep you posted.

Calling for local musicians

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