…then I decided to go to bed

“What does it mean ‘You can’t go in’? Is that a joke?”
“I can’t let you in. Seriously.”
“What’s the matter with you, man? Why wouldn’t you let me in? Do I need an invitation? Is it a private party?”
“It’s not a private party but, I can’t let you in. “
“Oh, I see… is it because I don’t drive one of those super-equipped ultra-luxury liners? I’ve only got a VAUXHALL but you’re more like the Bentley type, eh? You classist!”
“I’m not classist. But you can’t go in …Sir.”
“Then it must be the colour of my skin, innit? What? Am I too ‘pale’ for your Club? So, you’re racist!?”
“Believe me, your skin colour is irrelevant …Sir. Nevertheless, you can’t go in.”
“Stop saying it, for God’s sake! Just for once, give us a sensible answer: why-can-I-not-go-in?”
“Because-you-are-naked… Sir!”


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