Ninco Nanco

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Giuseppe Nicola Summa, known as Ninco Nanco (1833 – 1864)

  1. He was born into a poor family involved with problems with the law. His maternal uncle, Giuseppe Nicola Coviello, was a bandit who died burned in a hut where he was hiding from the police
  2. His father, though an honest farmer, had alcohol problems and one of his sisters was a prostitute.
  3. In his young age, he was often protagonist of violent episodes.
    One day, he was beaten and stabbed in a leg by some people, forcing him into three months of recovery. Instead of denouncing the deed, he preferred personal revenge, killing one of his aggressors with an axe.
  4. Ninco Nanco became soon known for his cold-blooded and ferine acts.
    According to the accounts of the time, Ninco Nanco often tore the heart from the chest of captured soldiers.
  5. Ninco Nanco’s activity began to weaken on the early 1864, because of the betrayal of…

Ninco Nanco shot dead




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