Freshrecruits? the worse job agency I’ve ever seen

rotten_fish…or, at least, the one in Bournemouth.

Three particular ads in the window get my attention, so I go in.

Nobody welcomes me (a customer?). Only one head, out of 4, raises, lazy:
– How can I help?
But it sounds more like ‘Whaddahell U doin’ in here?’. My immagination, probably. And although I’d like to answer ‘…well, I’m obviously looking for a loo’ I decide to swallow it.
– Just saw three ads in the window I’d be interested in.

Then, all she does is ask me if I have a CV. I give it to her.
– yeah, ok. – she evaluates it in 2 seconds – What I can do is pass it on to the suitable companies and if anything comes out you will be contacted.
No interviews. I’m not even asked to sit down (there aren’t any available chairs, to be honest).

I say:
– ok, but what can you tell me about those positions in graphic or web designer roles?
– As I’ve said, we’ll pass your CV on to the companies and if anything comes out you will be contacted. – she sentenced.
Evidently, she looks forward to seeing me out of there. As for me …I’ve just wasted 20p for the prints.


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